Privacy Policy

Soma fitness studio promotes full consideration in terms of the privacy of their customers. These are the principles is followed by Soma fitness Studio while retaining any product:

  • We do not ask for any personal information from our customers apart from Name, Email id, or telephone number unless in an emergency.
  • Soma fitness studio does not disclose its customer information to anyone.
  • The queries and problems of the customer are solved personally by the website and are not shared with anyone else.
  • The content provided under the website are of original and is simple and understandable.
  • The information provided by the customer is deleted after the mode of service has been completed.
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Telephone number(required)
  • Email Id
  • Caller Id information(not necessarily required)

Also, some non-recognizable information is been asked such as “Cookies” and Zip code. This process is done to keep an eye on the information in terms of:

  • Browsing time of the customer
  • Date and Time of the customer who visits our website
  • Links that have brought the customer to our website
  • The Referring web page is noticed

This process is done to maintain the privacy of the website and after the mode of services has been completed the information from your system automatically. This process has been done to personalize the experience of the person and also to improve the quality of the website. We also try to improve our services by various other marketing purposes which are effective and beneficial in the long run.