Choose the right pain medication for you

Soma vs flexeril vs robaxin- Choose the right pain medication for you

Have you ever pulled your muscle so bad that walking or functioning becomes very hard? Or have you ever slept or turned the wrong way leads to an excruciating pain in the body? If you have experienced any of these then your physician must have prescribed you a muscle relaxant. When it comes to muscle relaxers three very popular and effective pain medications that come to our minds are Soma pill, Flexeril, and Robaxin. All three of these are prescription drugs for the treatment of muscle spasms. This is why the most common comparison that we come across are Soma vs Flexeril and Soma vs Robaxin. However, in the recent times, there is a potential rise in the number of people who buy Soma online without prescription. So, if you are struggling with finding the right muscle relaxer for you this article will help you find an answer for Soma vs Flexeril and Soma vs Robaxin.

Soma vs Flexeril vs Robaxin- Know these analgesic better

According to the statistic report by the website the Good body, about 80 percent of the population in America suffers from body pain. All three Soma, Flexeril, and Robaxin are muscle relaxer that works by acting on the muscle fibers of the person. However, they differ in their mode of action and efficacy in people. They also differ in their formulation and active ingredients making one better than the other. Soma pill is a muscle relaxer that is seen to be very effective against acute pain. One can buy Soma online without prescription or Robaxin and Flexeril for managing body pain caused from factors such as-

  • Muscle spasm
  • Cuts and injury
  • Labor pain during childbirth
  • Dental pain
  • Burn
  • Infection
  • Side effects from certain ongoing treatment or medication

So, if you are battling body pain caused by any of these factors, it is recommended for you choose a muscle relaxer. To, help you decide better about Soma vs Flexeril and Soma vs Robaxin, let us have an insight on these pain medications.

Soma vs Flexeril Vs Robaxin- A brief comparison

Both the Soma pill and Flexeril helps combat muscle pain. The table here is a comparison of Soma vs Flexeril to help you understand the better muscle relaxer for you.

Soma pill Flexeril Robaxin
Active Compound Carisoprodol Cyclobenzaprine Methocarbamol
Prescription One can buy Soma online without prescription Prescription only Prescription only
Long-term usage Not advisable Not advisable Not advisable
Dosage form Soma pill Pills and liquid Robaxin Pill
Price 0.74$ 214.28$ 7.64$
Drug Interaction barbiturates, benzodiazepines CNS depressant Cough relief, antihistamine, sleep and anxiety medication
Alcohol interaction Yes Yes Yes
Age restriction People below the age of 17 years and above the age of 65 years should take Soma pill Not suitable for people above 65 years and below 17 years Not suitable for people above 65 years and below 17 years
Pregnancy usage Buy Soma after consulting a doctor Not recommended Not recommended
Dosage available Soma 350mg and Soma 500mg Flexeril 5 mg, Flexeril 7.5 mg, Flexeril 10 mg Robaxin 500mg and Robaxin 750mg
Side effects Drowsiness
blurred vision
loss of appetite
stomach pain
loss of appetite
stomach pain
Efficacy The half life of Soma pill is very long and therefore it is seen to help get pain relief within thirty minutes of taking Soma dosage It takes about 1 hours to show positive results Robaxin takes about 1 hour to start acting on the pain.
Duration of action 5 to 6 hours 3 to 4 hours 3 to 4 hours
Health condition People who are suffering from health issues such as kidney, heart and liver disorder must not take Soma dosage without consulting their doctors People with a history of acute heart and renal problem should refrain themselves from choosing Flexeril. Robaxin dosage is not for people with heart, kidney and liver disorder.
Chance of dependency Yes Yes Yes

Soma vs Flexeril- User review

Both Soma and Flexeril have been in the market for quite some time now. In the current time, the use of Carisoprodol and Soma reviews has shown better results in people compared to Flexeril. So, let us have a look at some Flexeril and Soma reviews to understand better about Soma vs Flexeril for your usage.

Soma and Flexeril

The image above shows some Flexeril and Soma reviews by the website iodine. It shows that are a higher percentage of people found it effective to buy Soma online over Flexeril. They also found the use of Carisoprodol hassle-free when compared to Flexeril.

Soma review

Some of the Soma reviews published by users on shows Soma pill has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 making it a good choice for people.

Soma reviews

Most reviews show users to buy Soma online without prescription and facing no serious side effects. Apart from a muscle pull, the other factors for which people buy Soma online are Fibromyalgia, nerve damage pain, and arthritis. Many users have also reported the Soma pill to help them sleep better.

Flexeril Review

With an average rating of 5.7 out of 10 on, Flexeril shows a less satisfactory review over the Soma pill.

Flexeril Review

People who buy Flexeril is seen to complain about feeling dizzy and drowsy from its usage. The long term usage of Flexeril is also seen to be not very safe for people and leads to causing side effects in people. It is also not advisable for people to buy Flexeril online without prescription. So, when it comes to Soma vs Flexeril, it is a better choice to choose to buy Soma online instead of Flexeril for best and safe results.

Soma vs Robaxin- a brief comparison

Just like Soma pill, Robaxin is also a muscle relaxer. They are both known to work on the Central Nervous system of the body. From the table mentioned above we can see the basic factors that diffenciate between Soma vs Robaxin. With most people choosing to buy Soma online, there are a very few Robaxin reviews and ratings found.

Soma brief comparison

The Robaxin reviews and ratings published on WebMD show that Robaxin has a rating of 3.4 out of 10. People who buy Robaxin also complain about the low efficacy of the medication and higher chances of side effects over the Soma pill. This is why when it comes to Soma vs Robaxin, it is advisable for people to buy Soma online.

Our Final thoughts

When it comes to Soma vs Flexeril Vs Robaxin, Soma pill has shown the most satisfied customer review and efficacy. The Soma price is also much affordable compared to Robaxin and Flexeril. People who choose to avoid visiting a physician can buy Soma online without prescription which is not possible with the other two muscle relaxer. So, for people who are fighting body pain and wish to choose the right pain medication can buy Soma online. It is a much safe option and is very pocket-friendly.

Facts to know before you buy Soma online

Soma factors that one should know before they take Soma dosage are-

  • The use of Soma dosage is not recommended for people for more than three weeks continuously.

  • Do not change the dosage without consulting the doctor.

  • Depending on the severity of the pain, one can take Soma dosage for 3 to 4 times in a day.

  • Food can slow down the metabolism of the Soma pill thus lowering its efficacy. Therefore, it is best to avoid the intake of food right before or after taking soma pill.

Following the points here will help you get a better result from taking Soma dosage and also aid in avoiding any possible side effects from the pain medication.

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